Your son or daughter bought you this new-fangled gadget for Christmas called the iPad. You’ve finally figured out how to use to surf the web, read the news, and play a plethora of games, but did you know you could use it as a tool for business? The iPad, or any tablet, can help you structure your workday, keep you organized, and run client meetings. Whether you already have an iPad or are considering investing, take some time to read about the many ways you can use an iPad for business.*

iPad At Work

Take Work With You:

The latest tablets can perform nearly all of the same tasks as laptop computers. This means you can edit documents, take notes, access the Internet, and analyze reports, all without ever stepping foot in the office. If you ever need to access files on the go, simply sync your files from your computer or save your documents in the Cloud. These functions make the iPad an excellence tool for working remotely. You’ll never have to lug your heavy, bulky laptop around again!

Keep Yourself Organized:

One of the best ways to use your tablet is to keep you organized. From apps that let you take notes or write grocery lists, to syncing your calendars, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something your boss said or missing a client meeting again. Additionally, you can use your iPad as an additional monitor when working, which can be extremely useful if you’re looking at a number of documents at once.

Catch Up:

Whether you’re reading the latest news, writing emails, or updating your calendar, a tablet is an easy way to get all your tasks done. A tablet is more easily accessible than your laptop or PC. And while writing short emails or reading your Twitter feed from your Smart Phone is do-able, for anything long or complex it’s generally more comfortable to have a larger screen and keypad.


Many people enjoy brainstorming on their tablets instead of on paper, because you don’t have to worry about losing it or deciphering your messy handwriting, especially before you’ve had your cup of coffee.

iPad In Client Meetings

Give presentations:

Whether you choose to project it from your iPad or display it to a few people directly, the iPad is a great way to show PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. Not only does is a tablet much lighter to carry around than your PC, it is also simple to scroll through the slides with your finger. Leave the clicker at home!

Use As A Sales Brochure:

There’s no doubt that printed brochures are gorgeous to look at, but they’re also expensive to print. Instead of spending a ton of money printing brochures you know will end up in the trash, you can show off your work right from your tablet. Additionally, if the client does want a copy, it’s easy to email it to them right away. That way, they’ll be able to access it, without it getting ruined or accidentally thrown out.

Display Documents:

Many professionals need to review or access digital documents during meetings. Simply save your documents to your iPad, and they can be accessed. Plus, if you forget to print everything out before you leave, you’ll have a backup copy.

iPad Apps for Business

We could spend hours talking about all the apps for business out there. Finding the apps that meet your business needs is essential, but you only need a few. The right applications can keep you organized, and help you uncover details you may have missed. There are apps for taking notes, managing your budget, reading the news, checking up on your social media accounts, creating shopping lists, video conferencing, sketching draws, looking up words, and brainstorming ideas. Many apps are free, although some require a small fee. Either way, it’s worth your time to do a bit of research to find the best apps for your needs. Here are a few articles to get you started:

More and more people are starting and ending their days on their iPads. Why? Tablets are most commonly used in bed or on the couch because they’re easy to access. So why not give your workday a kick-start on your iPad? From managing tasks at your desk, to running client meetings, and using apps to simplify your job, the iPad can significantly improve your work style. While we all love playing a game or two of Bejeweled before diving into our workday, don’t forget that your tech gadget can also be a powerful tool for business.

*It should be noted that there are many tablets on the market, and all are useful in business. This article is specific to the iPad because it is currently the most popular tablet in use. Many of these principles can be applied to all tablets. Should you find a tablet that suits you better than the iPad, we won’t hold anything against you.