Or, if you’re being honest, have you gotten customers without doing any real marketing? (Because you’ve got a great offer and have been relying primarily on word-of-mouth referrals to drum up new business.)

Or perhaps you’ve done some marketing and seen some success, but are looking for a more strategic, holistic and data-driven approach…so that all your marketing channels are working together to support each other in generating new leads, building trust with prospects and converting them into customers.

I’ve had my consultancy, Bixa Media, for 9 years now and since its inception in 2011, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

According to State of Inbound Report from 2018, created by Hubspot, the top two marketing challenges for businesses are:

  1. Generating traffic and leads
  2. Proving the ROI of marketing activities

What does this tell you? Well, it tells me that most businesses:

  1. Struggle with how to get new buyers
  2. Aren’t sure which marketing activities are working (and which aren’t). And they’re likely wasting a lot of resources on marketing efforts that don’t translate into business revenue.

These are certainly challenges most of our prospects and clients also face. And, these might be challenges your business experiences too.

To be honest, when a company struggles with how to get new buyers and doesn’t exactly know which marketing activities are going to secure new business, well, it’s no wonder growth feels so challenging!

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So let’s make business growth simpler, by making online marketing simpler.

Meet The Bixa Crew

We have a special model here at Bixa, and it certainly is not just me running the behind-the-scenes show…that wouldn’t be possible! While I’d like to fancy myself a superhuman (as many of us entrepreneurs might), the truth is I have a lot of help.

Due to the very custom nature of our work, we bring on the best and most relevant talent for each and every job we take on. Every client is different and each project demands unique skill sets. We pride ourselves on bringing experts together that fit your specific needs.

To accomplish this, we keep our in-house team small and work with freelance copywriters, photographers, designers, developers and other specialists as required.

Lauren Pawell


Lauren Pawell, MBA, helps entrepreneurs generate, qualify and nurture more leads online.

She works with business owners on high-impact marketing efforts, so they don’t waste any time or money on tactics that won’t drive real results. Case in point? That time she generated $262,822.58 in sales for a client using only 9 emails.

As an online marketing strategist, Lauren has been featured in Copyblogger, appeared as a guest expert for places like 90 Day Year Live, Freshbooks, and LeadPages, and has taught as guest faculty at the Laguna College of Art and Design.

An avid traveler and adventure seeker, Lauren loves to spend her time outside of Bixa hiking, camping and exploring new places around the globe with her husband and their two pups. She also enjoys mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Elizabeth Lauzon


For almost 17 years, Elizabeth worked in project management and executive assistance in large corporate settings, from academia to the luxury industry. But, she always knew, at her core, that she wanted to make an even bigger difference in helping others succeed.

So, Elizabeth stepped into her purpose, leveraged her expertise and followed her joy, leading her to helping ambitious business owners achieve success by helping them behind the scenes. She truly has a passion for helping visionaries reach their big hairy audacious goals.

The true star of the Bixa show, Elizabeth runs all things behind-the-scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly, happens on time and no detail is overlooked.

A New Englander born and raised (Elizabeth is still not sure she could survive without all four seasons!), but loves to travel and is enjoying filling up her passport.

Who We Help
Given that we act as a marketing partner for our clients…instead of just an outsourced, faceless vendor, we believe it’s important that you feel we’re a good fit culturally for you and your team.

(Aka, you should enjoy working with us as humans — not just enjoy the results of our labor.)


All of our services start with a complimentary Strategy Session.

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