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You're working on a new website…

Whether your site is brand spanking new, or a revamp of an already existing site, it's an exciting time! Right?

Or, are you feeling…

…overwhelmed? There are so many choices when it comes to choosing web hosting, deciding which platform to use, determining where to go for design help, figuring out who might help you code…it's easy to get bogged down by it all.

…frustrated? Whether this is far from your first rodeo, or you are brand new to the world of website development, you keep getting stuck in the process and need some help keeping your site on track.

…hindered? New obstacles keep popping up that are eating up your time and your resources. How on earth are you going to keep this project on-budget and adhere to your original timeline?

…paralyzed? You have a website up, but it's just not bringing in as much business as you had hoped. You've spent hours trying to blog, post on social media…all to no avail. You know you need some help, but you don't know how to get started or where to turn.

Take a deep breath…it doesn't have to be this painful.

We understand exactly what you're going through, and we're here to help make the website and online marketing process easier for you.

LaurenPawell_800x800My name is Lauren Pawell, and I'm the founder of Bixa Media.

My passion is guiding and supporting entrepreneurs, like you, with their WordPress and Shopify websites.

Whether it's building a new site, creating new content, training your team, or figuring out how to amplify your online exposure, I love helping businesses perform better digitally.

I have a diverse background: international business, startups, digital marketing, project management, web development, foreign languages, teaching, and performance arts (see my official credentials here). This medley of experiences has shaped my unique skillset; I am able to sit at the intersection of business, technology and design. More importantly, this background allows me to take your business objectives and translate them into:

  1. A website that converts visitors into paying customers/clients.
  2. A digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to your site.

I started this agency in 2011. After working in marketing overseas for a few years, I saw oh so many businesses that weren't taking advantage of all the online opportunities out there. There was a lot of low-hanging fruit, digitally speaking, that could really help entrepreneurs grow their business, provided they had the right guidance. I wanted to be that person for each and every one of them! (It's a lofty goal, but someone's got to do it, right?) So six years ago I moved back to the United States, founded Bixa Media, and we've been helping entrepreneurs get noticed online ever since, one website at a time.

The Bixa Crew

We have a special business model here at Bixa, and it certainly is not just me running the behind-the-scenes show…that wouldn't be possible! While I'd like to fancy myself a super human…as many of us entrepreneurs might…the truth is, I have a lot of help.

Due to the very custom nature of our work, we bring on the best and most relevant talent required for each and every job we take on. Each client is different and every project demands unique skill sets. We pride ourselves on bringing experts together that fit your specific needs. To accomplish this, we keep our in-house team small and work with freelance copywriters, photographers, designers, developers and strategists as required.

How We Work

We work with entrepreneurs in one of four ways:

Website Setup

Your content and graphics are all ready to go…you just need some help getting your WordPress or Shopify site up and running.

Website Creation

You have one to three sentences to describe what your new website should entail, but not much more. You need help from A to Z, including planning, writing, designing, developing and launching.


Site & Marketing Optimization

You have a website already and like it a lot. However, to generate more business, your site requires some tweaks and your online marketing needs a kick in the pants.

Strategy & Training

You need some assistance with the big picture and some strategic planning. Or, you are looking for training on how to do X, Y or Z.

When it comes to the Internet and your online presence, it's time that your business work smarter, not harder.

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About Bixa Media

Bixa Media strives to provide the strategy, creativity, and punch behind your company’s online marketing. Like the bixa fruit, we want your digital marketing to be both functional and visually-appealing. Our overriding goal is to ensure your online presence generates new business.

The Bixa team has helped other entrepreneurs like you by:

  • generating over $250,000 in revenue for an e-commerce business on a total budget of $6,500 in less than 5 months,
  • within 8 months, increasing traffic for a popular online magazine by 1,812%,
  • in 6 months, boosting email subscribers by 150% and traffic by 73% for a up-and-coming niche blog,
  • completing a 600-page website revamp in less than 80 hours, allowing the client to reallocate the thousands of dollars saved towards future marketing efforts, and
  • maintaining an 86% customer retention rate at Bixa by being client-focused while providing outstanding service.

We believe that high-performing digital marketing, creativity and personal attention does not have to come at a premium price. We aim to deliver big agency quality at small agency prices.

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