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…WITHOUT increasing your traffic volume, growing your social media following or investing more in paid advertising.

Or perhaps you’re worried that we’re sounding a bit too similar to the last agency or consultant you worked with? You know, that one who promised the “magic pill” to solve all your marketing woes?

I can assure you, we don’t promise quick, overnight fixes nor a one-size-fits-all marketing formula. And, we’re likely nothing like whomever you’ve hired in the past.

Hi, my name is Lauren Pawell and I’m the founder and owner of Bixa Media.

When we say that we can help you generate more leads, better leads and more sales-ready leads online, WITHOUT increasing your traffic volume, growing your social media following or investing more in paid advertising…

…while it might sound like black magic, it’s far from it.

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Bixa Media Secret Sauce

This 3-part blend is our secret sauce.

It’s what has a material, long-term impact on your marketing efforts.

More importantly, this 3-part blend has a positive and significant effect on your business growth.

And, isn’t that why you’re here in the first place? Because you’re looking for marketing that will actually help grow your business?

Choose your own adventure.

You became a business owner because you’re a groundbreaker and a (calculated) risk taker. So, don’t let us tell what to do next. Go ahead, pave your own way.

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