In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different personal chef businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is third of the series. I interview Heather Hartman, currently based in Colorado.

Heather has an incredibly varied background – behavioral therapy, restaurants, tech…and it all led her to where she is today, an incredible personal chef and health coach.

In this podcast episode, Heather shares more about her journey that led her to starting her own business, including her own health challenges.

She also explains how she markets her business, including landing an incredible opportunity in a TV series!

“We have to read ingredients. If you look at any packaged food in the grocery store and it says organic or it says paleo, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. We really have to focus on quality of the food and then also the ingredients listed. So that’s why I say I cook with only real whole foods, and I really try to stay away from anything packaged.” – Heather Hartman


2:29: Heather’s Path: How she became a private chef and health coach for busy individuals and families.

4:49: Healthy Food: Whole, organic, healthy foods, and the importance of food labels.

6:50: Sharing Stories: On being private and learning to share her personal story.

8:45: Nutrition and Behavioral Health: Heather progressed to health coaching by learning about nutrition’s effects on behavioral health, giving up foods for Lent, and trying client dietary requests.

26:10: Client Comes First: Pivoting to accommodate their needs.

28:25: Giving Health Advice: Heather’s certification before offering her expertise as a coach.

30:40: Bioindividuality: Even on a plant-based diet, some foods don’t work for everyone.

33:35: Hiring Heather: In the Boulder/Denver area, set up a free personal chef consultation call on her website. For coaching, make an appointment online to discuss.

36:20: Free Consultation Calls: The benefits of offering this as a way to get to know a client.

38:00: Finding Clients: Heather has discovered what platforms do and don’t convert into clients, and which platforms have an ROI for her business.

42:00: Design Network TV Show: “Fresh. Simple. Healthy.” The focus is on health, energy, composting, farming, home hacks, and recipes.

47:00: Carrot Cake: The holidays are a great time to try carrot cake and other pastry recipes.

48:10: Starting a Business: Heather’s advice is to just do it, learn from your mistakes, and keep trying.

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