There’s no denying that social media is growing at an ever-increasing rate. It’s nearly inescapable, both in casual conversation and for business. Take a look at some of these statistics for some of the most popular social media sites:

  • Facebook: 1.06 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter: 500 million total users
  • Google+: 343 million active users
  • LinkedIn: 200 million users
  • Tumblr: 150 million users
  • Instagram: 100 million users
  • Pinterest: 48.7 million users

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world. That’s the kind of reach social media has. Think about being able to reach only a fraction of that number. How would that change your business?

Nonetheless, establishing a social media marketing campaign for your business might seem daunting. You might be thinking: where do I start? I don’t have the time, or the ultimate rejection, I have no followers!  When it comes to social media for business, the first thing you should do is establish why you are using social media to grow your business. It may not necessarily be useful or cost-effective for your particular business. If you target an older demographic, they’re not likely to be using social media. However, if you have a younger demographic it can be a great tool for increasing brand awareness, connecting with your audience, and keeping them informed on new products or services.

What exactly can a social media marketing campaign do for your business? Social media is useful for more than just posting pictures of your food or complaining about your day. Social media exists to build connections. It allows you to engage with your clients outside of the office. It can be a tremendous asset when used correctly, but before you jump in, take note of these Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Marketing. 

DO: Pick Your Social Media Outlets Wisely

How to pick which outlets to use? Ideally, you should be on all of them. Customers can come from anywhere. However, with a small business, more than likely your customers are coming from similar places. Determine which platforms your customers use most often and start with those. You should also keep in mind the type of content you will be posting. Are you a jewelry designer or artist? You should probably focus on sites that allow for pictures, such as Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook. Are you a real estate broker with a blog? Your clients will likely want to be updated quickly when you have updated content or a new building for sale, so you might want to use Twitter and Facebook.

DO: Bond With Your Followers

One of the best uses of social media is to bond with clients and customers. It makes someone feel like they know you on more personal level, and it’s likely to increase their trust and respect for your business. Reply to their Tweets, Like their comments, and connect with them on LinkedIn.

DO: Use Keep Your Customers Updated

Just published a new article on company blog, have a new product, or recent job openings? Let your followers know! Part of the fun of social media is getting to hear those little details first, right when they happen.

DO: Show off your best products

It’s easy to snap a quick picture of your latest product and upload it to all your social media sites. Images are easy to look at, and it offers something other than text for your viewers.

DO: Spell Check

In our fast-paced, auto-correcting world, it’s easy to misspell words. However, regaining your reputation after you send something out with a typo is much harder to do. It’s worth taking the extra minute to read something over. 

DO: Post Useful and Entertaining Posts

You might think you have the most interesting job in the world, but your followers might not feel the same. You’ve got to give your audience a reason to read your content. Jazz it up with a catchy headline or post a fun article. 

DO: Send Them Back To Your Site

Don’t forget, the ultimate goal of social media marketing is to get people to go to your site and buy your product. Make sure to use a call to action when composing your posts. 

DON’T: Jump In Too Quickly

First, make sure you really need a social media campaign. If you target an older demographic, they’re not likely to be active social media users and you’ll be wasting your time. Second, make sure you’re using only the sites you need. A YouTube channel with no videos isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good.

DON’T: Don’t Just Use The Platforms You’re Familiar With

Don’t use Twitter? Maybe your audience does. If you just stick to the sites you use personally, you’ll risk missing out on potential customers. Take the time to figure out how a specific platform works, then consider adding it to your campaign. 

DON’T: Don’t Be Inconsistent

Running a social media marketing campaign is not an on-again/off-again relationship. It’s a 24/7 job that requires consistent maintenance. If you don’t think you can update your site on a regular basis, consider hiring a team to help you out.

Need Help With Your Social Media Marketing?

As social media use continues to increase, it’s becoming a great tool for growing business. Social media marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your clients, build trust and relationships, keep your followers informed, and drive them back to your website, office, or storefront. Don’t think you can tackle a campaign on your own? Bixa Media would love to give you a helping hand!