From trips to Europe, to backyard bar-b-ques, and drinks by the pool, summer is filled with fun outdoor activities. You shouldn’t have to let dreary weather or an overcooked steak get in your way! We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite summer apps* to help you plan ahead and enjoy your warm weather activities to the fullest.

1. Songza – Free

iPhone, iPad + Android

Everyone needs a summer playlist, but are you in need of a little inspiration? Songza is a music app that picks your playlist for you depending on the time of day, day of the week, and genre you choose. From Backyard BBQ to Fun and Funky Pick Me Ups, there is a playlist for every event.

2. Be Skin Smart – Free

iPhone + iPad

As much as we love the beach, the summer sun can be brutal. There’s nothing worse than getting a sunburn because you forgot to reapply your ‘screen. This app sets an alarm for when you need to reapply based on your eye color, hair color, skin tone, the amount of freckles you have, and what SPF you’re using.

3. Stow (iTunes) – $1.99, Pack the Suitcase (Google Play) – Free

iPhoneiPad + Android

Love summer getaways but hate the feeling that you’re forgetting something? Let this travel app help you pack! Choose from a number of packing lists depending on the type of trip you’re taking, or create your own. Enter how many days you’ll be gone, the weather you’re expecting, and the number of people you’re packing for. Then simply go down the list of calculated items you need to bring as you pack. You’ll never run out of socks again.

4. WaterIn (iTunes) – Free, Drinking Water (Google Play) – Free

iPhoneiPad + Android

In the scorching heat, it’s hard to drink enough water to stay hydrated. With WaterIn you can calculate how many glass or bottles of water you need to drink and set a reminder. The only thing you have to do when the alarm goes off is chug!

5. SnapSeed – Free 

iPhoneiPad + Android

With all the adventures you’re having this summer, surely you’ll want to take pictures to remember all the fun you had. Snapseed is a photo-editing app that allows you to enhance and share all the photos of your summer fun. Your photos will look practically professional when you’re done.

6. Lyft – Free

iPhoneiPad + Android

You’ve got places to go and people to see this summer, but is the only thing missing a ride? Let Lyft help you find a nearby driver to take you where you need to go. Lyft is a friendly, safe, and affordable transportation option. Simply tap a button to be picked up by a nearby Lyft community driver. Lyft is currently available in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago and Boston.

7. Starmap (iTunes) – $4.99, Sky Map (Google Play) – Free

iPhoneiPad + Android

One of the best parts about camping is stargazing, but if you’re not an astronomer, you might not be sure what’s what up there. Starmap lets you view a map of over 350,000 stars on your mobile device. With you phone’s GPS, you can point your device in any direction and Starmap will pull up the exact portion of the sky you’re looking at. It’s like a virtual telescope, that tells you what you’re looking at.

8. Ask The Butcher (iTunes) – $2.99, Weber Grills or Weber’s On the Grill (Google Play) – Free, $4.99

iPhoneiPad + Android

Nothing says summer like backyard bar-b-ques. However, for some the process of selecting the right cut of meat and properly cooking it is daunting. Ask The Butcher takes you through the entire process. Browse cuts of meat by animal or let the app pick one for you. Then let it tell you how to properly prepare and cook it, and use the meat timer to keep track. It’s like you’ve got your friendly neighborhood butcher in your back pocket.

9. Mixologist Drink & Cocktail Recipe – $0.99 (iTunes) and $1.49 (Google Play)

iPhoneiPad + Android

If you’re planning a poolside party, you’ve got to have a cocktail while your floating in an inner tube. Having trouble deciding or concocting one? Let Mixologist give you a hand. You can browse through more than 8,000 recipes and 1,000 ingredients. Come up with a new drink by category or by what you already have in your pantry.

10. Accuweather – Free

iPhoneiPad + Android

Love planning outdoor summer fun but hate it when your plans are ruined by the weather? Accuweather is one of the most accurate and trusted weather apps out there. Ensure you’re park picnic never gets rained out again!

*Some apps are currently only available for iOS devices, but we’ve listed a similar Android version where applicable.