You’ve heard more than enough about the importance of SEO, but have no patience for predictions of a 6 to 12 month ROI. You need traffic to your site now. A Google AdWords campaign might be in order.

Google AdWords drives 30-50% of total clicks. This means AdWords provides instant access to the top of the heap for up to half of all search traffic. (SEO is responsible for 50-70% of total click-throughs.)

Just what would compel you to spend money (possibly a lot of money) on a pay-per-click campaign? Here are a few reasons to jump into the Google AdWords deep-end: 

  • An AdWords campaign is instant. Your click strategy is immediately effective. Even the smallest of businesses can experience the view from the top of the biggest search engine on the Internet. You find out today if there’s benefit to being there.
  • AdWords is predictable. Predictable for you as an advertiser – you educate yourself on Google’s rules, you follow them and you get the positioning you seek. Predictable for users – people know they get what they expect from Google’s search engine, and they trust it.
  • Google’s AdWords campaign is scalable. You decide to start small, big or somewhere in between. You can change your budget, your click price and your keywords as often as you’d like.
  • Google’s AdWords analytics tools make feedback almost instantaneous. Pay attention to what they’re telling you, and you don’t have to waste a dime.
  • Google meticulously monitors its system and demands great content. They don’t want people wasting their time. Knowing that it can make or break your pay-per-click campaign might compel you to raise the bar on the quality of your content.
  • Google’s standards require that every advertiser plays fairly, no matter how big their budget. If you use the program for your business, you don’t have to worry about the competition getting away with questionable practices.
  • As an advertiser, you aren’t wasting money with Google. If people want to buy something, they are more likely to click on an ad. If they are searching for information, they click on the organic search results. Either way, Google’s search engine gives you visibility.

Rather than try to guess what Google may be thinking, read Google’s Advertising Policies. The AdWords system frequently evaluates its advertisers’ website and landing page content to make sure everyone is in compliance.

Google’s rules are non-negotiable. Google cannot be bought, no matter how big the advertiser’s budget. If you’re a small business, a Google AdWords campaign is probably the fastest route to the top of the search engine. Once you’re up there, you can decide if the view is as good as you expected.