In part 1 of our series on generating leads on LinkedIn, we discussed various steps individuals can take to cultivate new clientele on the professional network. In this post, we’re covering how businesses can leverage Company Pages to generate new clients. 

Before a prospective client signs any contract with you, they’ll likely visit your LinkedIn company page to get more information. You can use that page as an opportunity to enhance what someone thinks of your company, thereby increasing the chance of securing another client. There are a number of LinkedIn features for businesses with Company Pages that increase visitor engagement. We are going to outline our favorites and discuss just how effective they can be!

1.  Post Company Status Updates

You’re probably familiar with updating your own status, but did you know you can send out updates via your Company Page? If a client visits or decides to follow your Company Page, they’ll be able to see your status updates. Take advantage of this and post relevant and useful content often. Regularly posting updates keeps your company in the minds of followers.

Moreover, if you have over 200 connections in your audience list you can share your content to specific groups based on job position, industry, geography, etc. You may find this helpful if you serve different areas or offer multiple products and/or services. For instance, if you serve a number of different industries, you may want to share specialized posts to each one. The more applicable a piece of information is to someone reading it, the more likely they’ll take some time to learn more.

2.  Add A Products and Services Tab

Within your Company Page you can add additional tabs, including Products and Services. This is useful information for a potential client scoping out your business. You can create multiple products and/or services, add images and videos, and organize them in any order you prefer. Moreover, if you add an image or video to a product or service, that media will appear in the sidebar of your company page. Adding media to your sidebar is a great way to display your work to visitors.

3.  Create Custom Banners

Within the Products and Services section of your company page you have the option to create a clickable banner. You might want to link visitors to certain page or content on your website, such as a webinar, your blog, a video, your portfolio, or a free course. This is a creative way to encourage users to learn more about your company.

4.  Ask For Product Recommendations

In addition to images and videos, recommendations to products or services will appear in the sidebar of your company page. Recommendations come from users who have endorsed one of your products or services. These positive reviews are extremely valuable to gaining new clientele, as people are highly influenced by what others think. A visitor who knows little about your business may be persuaded to contact you if he/she sees one of his/her connections endorsed your product. The best way to get people to recommend your services is to ask them to do it for you.

5.  Create Customized Products and Services Pages

Just like you can tailor your status updates to types of users, you can alter your Products and Services page depending on the visitor. For example, if you have locations in both Orange County and Los Angeles, you could create two custom pages, one for each location. The page that would appear would match the location of the visitor.

6.  Utilize Sponsored InMail

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can purchase LinkedIn’s email marketing service, Sponsored InMail. Similar to an email marketing campaign, Sponsored InMail allows you to send messages to the LinkedIn inboxes of any user – whether you’re connected or not. You can even target specific people in organizations. For instance, if you offer accounting services to small business owners in various industries, you could craft specific emails based on the industry, and send each of those out to a targeted group of users. Again, the more relevant a message is to someone, the more likely they are to act on it.

LinkedIn isn’t just for individual lead gathering. There are numerous features of LinkedIn Company Pages that can be highly effective at generating new clientele for your business. Creating highly targeted and interactive content is key to generating leads on the social network. Take advantage of the numerous features of LinkedIn Company Pages, and watch your business grow!