I tend to find color inspiration anywhere and everywhere from my Barbie pink pitaya smoothie to the gorgeous radishes I chopped up for my dinner to the fun printed chocolate packaging I just purchased at the store. I guess maybe I should say I find a lot of color inspiration in and around food, though this color palette is an exception. This color palette inspiration was from my trip to the Honolulu Zoo. People often think that earthy and natural colors tend to be muted and subdued. Some of the brightest colors can be found in nature, like in flamingos and tropical plants.

When designing this color palette I was picturing it being used for an independent, clothing boutique’s online store with the coral and blush color being the primary colors. The greens would be used for little pops of color such as icons and clothing titles, all of which would be set against a white background. The color palette creates a bright and fun website environment that would make any cute outfit even more cheerful. Enjoy Pingo Flamingo, and keep your eyes peeled for the fun color palettes found all around you.

BIXA - Pingo Flamingo