Your business card is your most powerful marketing tool. You have to carry them everywhere you go. You never know when a new contact will cross your path. Otherwise you wouldn’t have your business cards stashed in more places than you can remember.

If yours looks like you got it for free or your customers wouldn’t even keep it for a bookmark, it’s time to give it some attention. Better yet, give it a completely new look.  Here are some ways you can renew your creativity.

The Basics:

  • Bright, unique or interesting colors
  • A prominent and recognizable logo
  • A logo you like
  • Eye-catching AND easy-to-read font
  • Useful contact information
  • A reverse side with a purpose

 Important information:

  • Types of credit and debit cards accepted, particularly if they’re less common like American Express or Discover
  • Location information like cross streets or an area landmark
  • Information on parking if it’s limited or costs extra
  • Special services like “no appointment necessary”
  • Anything unique about the buying process like express check-in
  • Readily available expertise like “Mechanic on site from 7am to 10pm”

 Reward information not available anywhere else:

  • “Present this card for a free reusable shopping bag”
  • “Tell us where you heard about us, and receive 50% off your first month’s rent”
  • “Log onto our website for extra discounts”
  • “Sign up on our website, and receive a free latte”
  • “Enter the company zip code and receive a 20% discount on your order”

Commitments that demonstrate how your business is like no other:

  • A customer service guarantee like “Phone calls returned within 3 hours”
  • “While you wait” service
  • A complimentary extra service or upgrade like “Free loaner car while we service your vehicle”
  • “100% money back guarantee, no questions asked”

If your card has any of the features listed in this section, go directly to business card jail:

  • Black type on a white card
  • A small logo, or none at all
  • A company card that everyone in the company uses with handwritten names and contact information
  • Hand applied stickers with updated information
  • Meaningless or overused phrases and claims:
    • Visit today
    • We want your business!
    • Customer service is our priority
    • Our customers love us!
    • THE best service you’ll find anywhere
    • At this location since 1975

If you left your creative bone in high school art class, remember imitation is the best form of flattery. Start with your own Rolodex. Give it a spin. Going through the process may just remind you of a few people you owe a follow-up call.