Here at Bixa Media, we get asked all the time about what tools we use in the office. From cloud sharing to video conferencing to website backups, we have tried all sorts of different tools and have come up with a list of our favorites. Once a month we will be spotlighting tools that are tried and true by the Bixa Media team.

This month, in light of the recent security hack, Heartbleed, one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen, we decided to spotlight our favorite tool for backing up a WordPress site.

Let’s face it: the world is online. So if you have an online site, great! You are moving in the right direction towards doing the best for your business. Now imagine, all your content has been compromised and years of hard work on blog posts and website content are gone – you’ve been hacked or an inexperienced user has made changes to your website that cannot be reversed.

This is where you need a plugin that backs up your site. Here at Bixa, we use VaultPress, a WordPress specific plugin, to back up our site. With plans starting at $5, VaultPress will scan your site daily for potentially dangerous files and automatically back up your site every 2 hours.



You can download a history of backups and other site-specific information including your database, theme, plugins, and uploads. What we really like about VaultPress, is that you can choose what parts of your site you need to restore, whether it is your theme or blog content.  If you do need to restore your files, one click of a button and your site automatically begins restoring the back up.


There are many different options when it comes to backing up your WordPress website, including packages with your hosting company. We use and recommend VaultPress because it works for our specific needs and often for our clients’. Plus, the peace of mind it brings us is worth every penny! As with anything else, just remember to always do your research especially when your site’s existence and all your hard work is on the line.


*Bixa Media was not sponsored by VaultPress for this article nor will we be compensated for any purchases that result thereafter; the ideas and opinions expressed above are genuine and our own.