How complicated can it be to run a Twitter account and garner a following? 140 characters to sell my brand? Easy. While these are often the initial thoughts businesses have towards Twitter, they soon find out that it is much more difficult than it seems. Here are five tips to being the informative, fun, and effective Twitter account everyone wants to be and loves to follow.

1. Remember who your followers are, and learn to think like them

One of the most common faults seen in digital marketing on Twitter is companies forgetting to think like their readers. If you use confusing technical terms, your followers are likely to get lost. They should read your tweet, and know exactly what you mean without having to do any research on their own.

2. Be concise

You want followers to be able to retweet and share your account with their followers. After all, you are using your Twitter for marketing. A great way to share links and stay short is to use link-shortening websites; is your best option. Try to keep your Twitter name as short as possible because the longer it is, the more characters you need to leave blank to allow followers to retweet you.

3. Be consistent 

Develop your own unique style, and stick to it. Ultimately, this is how you develop your company’s voice; your followers will become accustomed to your personal sound and sense of humor. PetCo has a light-hearted, cutesy voice; while a rock music management company might be bolder and cutting edge. Followers of PetCo would be unsettled by a suddenly hasty and off-color tweet similar to those of the management company, don’t you think?

4.Be Correct

If u want 2 b taken seriously u must uze corect gramer and speling !!!

Don’t let followers think a 10-year-old hacked into your account. Your followers are much more likely to trust you if they can see that you are educated, legitimate, and reliable.

Be #interactive

Give your followers a reason to engage. Ben and Jerry’s does a fantastic job with their social media marketing. They have an ice cream truck that goes to big cities around the US giving away free ice cream. How do they decide where to go? They ask you to tweet with the hashtag #OMGFreeBenJerrys with a street corner, and the truck comes to the spot with the most tweets.

Ben & Jerry's Twitter Strategy

While the Twitter world is one of many complexities and there are many ways to be successful, these 5 tips will get any company off to a good start.