There is one thing we at Bixa Media, a digital marketing agency, tell all of our clients who blog:

“NEVER, EVER start a blog you cannot maintain!  You need to post regularly. There is nothing worse than going to a company website, checking out their blog, and finding out they have not posted in 2 months, 6 months, 1 year. So if you are going to start a blog, decide how regularly you are going to update it and commit to it. If you can only post once a month, no problem, as long as you make sure you post every month. If you decide you are gong to post twice a week, make sure you stick to it.”

Knowning this, what have we done? Made the same blog mistake we tell everyone not to make. As a digital marketing agency, this is an even bigger problem because we are not practicing what we preach. So first things first, an apology is in order. We are very sorry. We know this reflects poorly on us and we are going to do all we can to make it right.

Our Blogging Commitment To You

So how are we going to make it up to you? Well we are going to promise, right here on paper (ahh!), that we will start our blog back up again. We also are going to commit to post regularly, a full two times a week. Really? Yes really! So get ready for us to blow your hats off  our amazing blogging. Our future posts will cover:

  • tips on enhancing your online presence
  • digital marketing how-tos
  • up-to-date digital marketing news to keep you in the loop
  • updates about Bixa Media and our client work

How To Avoid This Blog Mistake

How are we going to make sure that not only do we maintain our blog but that we stick to our aggressive schedule of posting two times per week? By using these three tips:

1. Designate Time Each Week To Writing

While this seems obvious, make sure you do it! Whatever day, whatever hour you set aside for writing, think of it as holy! No appointment, no urgency should cause you to reschedule this writing time. Why? Because you will keep finding more and more tasks that take first priority. It becomes a black hole and then you will be like us, a digital marketing agency with an 8-month gap in their blog.

2. Write Posts Far Enough In Advance

During your designated writing time, do not write the post that needs to be published that day or even that week. Set aside enough time to write posts for weeks in advance. By staying far ahead of your posting schedule, you will have a buffer when time gets tight. You should never be in a position where you are scrambling to write a blog post last-minute that must go live ASAP.

3. Hire Additional Writers

Still worried you might get swamped and not find the time to write? Hire on some content writers who can fill in when needed. You should be able to contract out the work fairly cheaply. Just make sure you don’t pay so little that you diminish the quality of your blog content. Look on Craig’s List or on LinkedIn for someone who is qualified in your subject matter. Having a backup writer relieve some of the stress, especially during your busiest moments.

Have any of you not adequately maintained a blog? How do you stay on top of your schedule and ensure you post regularly?