Our latest web design project was for Bill Burke of EightSummits.com, one of the most inspiring men we have ever met. You are probably thinking, “That’s a pretty bold statement!”. Yes, yes it is. But it is also true. Why?

  • Bill Burke is the oldest American to have summited Mt. Everest and made it back alive.
  • He has summited the highest mountain on every continent.
  • Bill does this not only for himself, but for Ollie, his severely disabled grandson. He even includes Ollie in his training by putting him in a trailer behind his bike every Sunday for 40 miles rides!

On top of all his amazing accomplishments, which include multiple Lifetime Achievement awards for his work as lawyer, Bill is incredibly humble.

Yeah, don’t you want to be Bill Burke now? For all these reasons, we were honored to be chosen to help him redesign his website, Eight Summits, which documents all his mountaineering and motorcycle trips.

Next week we will be going into details about the Eight Summits redesign, but in the meantime, we want to know: what do you think about the new site?