This past week, I discovered a bad review of one of my client’s businesses. Not only was the review negative, but it was one of the very few online reviews that existed. The client then asked me how to: 1) address the bad review, 2) get more positive online reviews, and 3) manage future negative reviews. This scenario is not unique to this specific client; in fact, many local businesses:

  • do not have an online review system in place,
  • are immediately aware of when users write reviews about their company online, and
  • are unclear about how to properly address negative reviews.

Knowing this, I was prompted to write a blog post about the best practices involved when managing your company’s online reputation. Due to many steps involved in this process, I will be spreading out information over various posts.

So what is the first step in managing your business’ online reputation? Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post: “Monitoring & Listening to Your Customers Online”.