Exciting news! Bixa Media is happy to add a new column to our blog, brought to you by the lovely ladies at Hoodzpah Design Co. With the world of design so tightly linked to the digital marketing’s effectiveness, we’ve decided to drop some regular knowledge on you to make sure you know everything you can about how make the most of the visuals you create for your business.

Have you ever given much thought to your company’s visuals?  What colors should your brand be using? What about fonts? Does it really matter whether you use serif or sans-serif fonts? And do your customers really care what your logo looks like? The truth is that form and functionality go hand and hand in online success, and therefore it’s important to pay attention to both aspects of your Internet presence.

So how can you make sure your visuals elevate your brand in the eyes of your customers? Find out as we start our guest blogging series with Hoodzpah Design Co. tomorrow.

The Co-founders of Hoodzpah Design Co. – Jen & Amy Hood