Google Places is a free business listing directory that is often featured in the first page results of Google. These listings are preceded by a red pushpin icon and include the business name, address, phone number, and website. Google Places listings also appear in Google Maps, pinpointing the location of a business.

When users click on a Google Places listing, they are then taken to a more detailed page that includes the business description, business categories, ratings, pictures, and reviews.

Google Places helps local businesses stand out in the search engine results page. Additionally, it holds high value within mobile search. For example, an iPhone user can go directly into their maps application, type in “Bixa Media” and get directions to our company. Similarly, they can type in “website designer, Newport Beach” and Bixa Media will show up on the map, along wit other competitor companies. This is a very valuable tool that can greatly increase your company’s online visibility.

Create a Google Places Listing

Creating a Google Places listing is quite simple, and more importantly, free. Go to the link:, sign up, and create your account. The more details you add, the better.

Optimize a Google Places Listing

Optimizing a Google Places listing in order to obtain a top position in the search engine results is a more complex process; it occurs primarily by creating hundreds of similar listings on other directory sites. Although this is tedious and time-consuming, it has its rewards by positively impacting your website traffic and leads.

Need Help Creating & Optimizing Your Google Places Listing?

We will do the work for $60/month. Contact us at Bixa Media for personal service, monthly reporting, and low rates.