Today’s tip is, looking at it from a surface-level, quite fun.

However when you take a deeper look, you’ll realize that it’s purpose can have a profound impact on your daily productivity. And all it takes is 3 minutes a day.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet?

Nope? Ok well what if we told you:

  • This tool went from 0 to 100,000 users in 4 months,
  • It’s one of Matt Mullegweg’s, the creator of WordPress, favorite desktop apps (now that’s an endorsement!), and
  • It’s free (that means you don’t have to pay a dime).

So what is this magical tool that can supposedly fix every challenge you are facing? Ok we might be exaggerating a bit, but we still think this app is pretty wonderful…

It’s the Google Chrome extension known as Momentum Dash.

Working on a new website? Be sure to download these 6 simple tips to help you save time and money during the process.

Start your day with Momentum.

First and foremost, how cluttered is your Chrome browser every time you open it? (Hint: yes, you must use Google Chrome to use this app. Momentum cleans up your browser start page by:

1) Greeting you with your name, the time and the weather,

Your computer feels like a more friendly device​ when it greets you every morning and provides useful information.

Instead of starting your day looking at all the endless emails that fill your inbox, open your Google Chrome tab newly adorned with Momentum. Does it make you smile?


2) Displaying a new photo every day of this magnificent world we live in,

There’s numerous statistics demonstrating the effect of nature on overall wellbeing. However, for those of us who spend most of our workday behind a computer, we aren’t always afforded the luxury of walk in the woods during lunch. However, a recent study has found that even a mere 40-second break from your work to look at a computerized image of nature can improve your focus and performance. Incredible!

While we cannot prove the science behind it, we can tell you there’s something refreshing about viewing a new photo from around the globe every day.

3) Inspiring you with a new quote daily, and

Perhaps one of our favorite ​aspects of Momentum Dash, is the new quote shown daily. A digital fortune cookie right in your Internet browser, we always look forward to seeing the quote of the day.

We aren’t quite certain how Momentum always seems to show us something that speaks to us on an individual level, but it sure provides a lot of food for thought. And helps us get out of our heads and set loftier intentions for the day.

A 3-Minute Productivity Boost | Bixa Media

4) Helping you focus on your priorities with a short to-do list.

The real productivity success factor is Momentum’s shortened to-do list. How long is your current to do list?

Pare it down, focus on your top 5 priorities and note them in Momentum. Then, see how much more you accomplish.

Set your intention, eliminate distraction, gain momentum.

Momentum’s true value lies in it’s ability to help you set your goal for the day and reduce all the noise that keeps you f​rom getting things done.

Try it out and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear how Momentum helps you.

Working on a new website? Be sure to download these 6 simple tips to help you save time and money during the process.