When someone visits your webpage, you’ve only got about 20 seconds to explain your message before he/she navigates elsewhere. The topics and problems of our world are becoming more and more complex, and 20 seconds may not seem like nearly enough time to get your message across. That’s why infographics are an important tool for your business.

So what is an infographic? An infographic is a visual representation of knowledge or facts. We’ve all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth 1,000 words,” and it couldn’t be truer. Visual data is absorbed 60,000x faster than text. So if you’re feeling pressed to get your message across, you should consider using an infographic. Additionally, people love to share infographics, which does wonders for your SEO. Is there any reasons why you wouldn’t want to use infographics? We can’t think of any.

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Bixa Media - Infographic on Infographics

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