Today’s episode features a free and informal social media training conducted by yours truly Lauren Pawell, in our Facebook community.

I cover social media from a high level to help you make better marketing decisions.

Listen in so you can improve your social media marketing strategy, from the top-down.

“In this training, I zoom out to cover social media from a really high level to help you make better marketing decisions.” – Lauren Pawell


4:26: Where to play, the purpose of social media, and how to be more effective.

5:17: Numbers Game: Considerations when using social media to get qualified leads and clients.

6:47: How to qualify your social media followers and convert them into leads.

7:31: Common mistakes I see when it comes to social media marketing.

8:30: The two ways social media helps your marketing.

9:39: Social media is a crowded place – here’s how to get in front of new accounts.

11:28: How to layer lead magnets into your social media content.

12:12: Why the DMs are an underutilized social media tool, and what you can do about it.

15:09: Be proactive and take ownership over the success of your social media marketing.

17:10: Considering paid social ads? Here’s how I’d approach it.

18:30: Guest speak, teach, and borrow other people’s audiences to turn them into followers.

22:49: Ways to use your social media content to build your authority and know, like, and trust factor.

27:23: Which channels should you play on? How many should you focus on? I explain here.

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