In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different social media businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of that series. I interview Jessica Hobbs, an Instagram Growth Strategist and Marketer, who is currently based in Tampa, Florida.

Jessica explains EXACTLY how to use Instagram to grow your business…in a way that’s sustainable and actionable.

Listen in for her step-by-step process and make sure to visit the show notes for this episode below, where I’ve included Jessica’s free Instagram Growth Guide.

Also, pay attention to the marketing strategies and tactics that are working for Jessica’s business right now. I’ll give you a little hint – she’s not solely reliant on Instagram to generate new clients, although it does play a big role.

“I really love empowering my clients with the Instagram metrics that matter.” – Jessica Hobbs


3:08: Jessica shares her passion for Instagram marketing and her unique approach to the platform.

4:16: The three different services Jessica offers in her business, to meet her clients where they’re currently at.

5:36: Why Jessica hopes that she empowers her clients to eventually be able to take on their Instagram growth themselves.

7:12: Jessica’s top strategies for creating quality content on Instagram that both your followers and the algorithm love.

11:20: The fine line between the content YOU want to put out and the content your audience wants to see.

11:46: Jessica’s tips for producing video content in a way that’s not overwhelming, especially if video is new to you.

15:05: The not-so-secret reluctance Jessica also had with creating video content.

15:38: Details about all the amazing value Jessica provides in her membership, and how it helps business owners get unstuck on Instagram.

18:56: The four content pillars Jessica recommends for any business on Instagram.

19:33: How to know if Instagram is the right social media platform for your business.

22:52: Why Jessica decided to go all in on her side hustle.

27:34: Jessica describes the three channels that are working well for her right now when it comes to generating new clients for her business.

30:01: The reason Jessica is so adamant about creating content that has a positive impact.

30:28: The intriguing way Jessica nurtures and qualifies her leads.

32:48: Why Jessica leans on education as a way to sell her services.

33:33: The common thread that social media experts are using across all platforms to be successful with their marketing.

37:21: Jessica’s ONE piece of advice for other business owners working on their marketing.

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