In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different writing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of that series. I interview Eva Gutierrez, who’s currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Eva is an incredible content writer, who has landed some heavy-hitter clients like Digital Marketer and ConvertKit, after a couple tough years of taking any work that came her way on UpWork. Eva has really honed in on her marketing process so that she brings in the right type of clients and builds long-term relationships with them.

And, because she has such a great system, Eva now coaches freelance writers who want to take ownership over the trajectory of their career and fast-track the client acquisition process.

Don’t forget to visit the show notes for this episode below, so you can learn more about Eva’s services and improve the content marketing you do for your business.

“When it comes to my writing business, my goal is not to build out an agency. And that is a really important distinction because that says that I don’t need a lot of clients.” – Eva Gutierrez


2:48: The types of businesses Eva writes content for.

4:14: How Eva defines the difference between content and copy.

6:27: Why content helps you build a relationship with your prospects.

8:25: A content strategy you can employ to improve the results of a promotion you’re running.

9:26: What content splintering is (and why you’ll love it).

9:59: How Eva came to be a content writer and what inspired her to start freelancing.

12:14: The Google search that led Eva to start using Upwork to find new jobs.

13:22: A forcing factor that meant Eva had to find a more sustainable way to make income.

15:01: What existential life crisis Eva got past by narrowing in on a specific niche.

17:02: The advice Eva gives other freelance writers when they get nervous about narrowing their niche.

18:15: The second arm of Eva’s business – coaching other freelance content writers.

20:06: Eva is really big on ownership of the trajectory of your career. She explains exactly what this means.

24:40: The shiny marketing objects that Eva’s coaching program cuts out.

26:22: Eva’s best recommendation for finding the right coach to fast track your results.

28:33: Eva details what lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing look like for the two different arms of her business.

33:18: We talk through the complexity of Eva’s current marketing system.

34:22: Why Eva likes creating offers that cycle into one another.

35:47: The way Eva’s structured her business to fit the lifestyle she wants.

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