In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different social media businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth and final of the series. I interview Wave Wyld, a TikTok Marketing Expert, based in Toronto, Canada.

Wave shares her approach to Tiktok marketing, which focuses on generating revenue for your business through the platform, not just boosting your vanity metrics.

And, make sure to visit the show notes for this episode below where I’ve included links to everything we talk about in this episode, including Wave’s free Facebook group and her guide to beating the TikTok algorithm.

“You do not need hundreds of thousands of followers or need to go viral to make money for your business on Tiktok.” – Wave Wyld


3:13: What Wave’s “community over virality” approach actually means.

4:28: The problem with going viral.

7:06: How to know if you’re starting to build a community on Tiktok.

7:49: Wave’s #1 tactic for building community.

9:48: Is Tiktok a good marketing channel for your business? Wave explains.

11:50: Why Tiktok is not just for product-based businesses.

12:15: The key criteria for creating great educational content on Tiktok.

12:50: The reason it’s important to showcase your personality on Tiktok.

13:01: Wave debunks common myths about Tiktok.

15:11: Who actually uses Tiktok? Is it only Gen Z?

16:33: The different ways that Wave helps businesses with their Tiktok marketing.

18:14: The quick pivot Wave made during the pandemic (and why she started this business).

19:20: Wave explains the FYP, which is one of the big differences between Tiktok and Instagram.

20:44: Why Wave is so passionate about helping female business owners become more visible on Tiktok.

22:40: The lead generation strategies Wave is currently using in her business. (One of these strategies generated 1200 leads from just one piece of content.)

26:59: Hear more about Wave’s lead magnets.

27:39: The two channels Wave is using to nurture her leads.

28:30: Wave describes exactly how much time she spends on Tiktok weekly.

29:37: How Wave qualifies her leads.

31:05: The type of content that Wave shares to her email list.

32:23: Is there harm in offering too much value to your audience for free?

36:14: The one piece of advice Wave has for other business owners working on improving their marketing.

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