So, you’ve worked SUPER DUPER hard on creating awesome email campaigns. You’ve researched your content, written compelling emails, and sent them out to your subscribers. Woowoo!

Then, you check your performance metrics:

  • You look at your open rates.
  • You review at your clickthrough rates.
  • And you may even glance at your overall conversion rate related to purchases.

While your results may look decent when compared to others in your industry, you can’t help but still feel a little dismayed that only 1/5 of your subscribers even opened the email. Especially, when far fewer hit that link you wanted them to click.

I mean, you put all that time, energy and resources into creating those awesome email campaigns, right? So how can you get more of your subscribers to see them?

Option #1: Make sure your emails aren’t ending up in SPAM. This is a long and complicated process that requires a fair amount of expertise and a lot of testing.

Option #2: Spend 10 minutes employing this nifty trick and see an immediate boost in your open rates. You may even get an uptick in your clickthrough and purchase rates as well.

Sooooo, let me ask you: which option would you prefer to implement right away?

I thought so.

You see, as humans, we’re inherently attracted to the option that requires the least amount of effort. So, unless you are that rare species that loves to jump headfirst into the most challenging way to do something (and I admit, I sometimes fall into that category), you likely thought: “Lauren, teach me how to do Option #2!”

And, l’ll happily oblige.

But first, I want to share with you some interesting results.

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Our own results using this email marketing tactic

Before trying this out on client email campaigns, we first tested it out on our own. And let’s just say, the impact was significant and measurable.

So, we decided to continue to put this trick to the test by trying it out on various client accounts. Because if it didn’t work for all industries, (1) it wouldn’t be worth continually employing internally and for clients and (2) it certainly wouldn’t be worth sharing with members of our audience, like you.

However, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Here’s a small sampling of the results seen on client accounts with just 10 minutes of additional work to employ this tactic.

  • A medical practice: 28.6% improvement in open rates, 100% improvement in clickthrough rates
  • A publishing company: 36.1% improvement in open rates, 23.1% improvement in clickthrough rates
  • A food blog: 29.5% improvement in open rates, 18.9% improvement in clickthrough rates
  • An e-commerce store: 48.2% improvement in open rates, 30.2% improvement in clickthrough rates

As they say in Britain…crikey! Those numbers represent a serious improvement in email visibility.

Because let’s get real: the more subscribers that see your campaign, the more people that are likely to take the desired action, right?

How this nifty trick works

So, let’s get down to it and talk about what this nifty trick entails.

I bet you’ll be surprised by its simplicity.

  • Step #1: Duplicate your email campaign.
  • Step #2: Change the subject line to something equally as compelling.
  • Step #3: Send the new, modified campaign to a special segment of your list…everyone who received the prior campaign but DID NOT open it the first time.
  • Step #4: Relish in your improved open and clickthrough rates!
  • Step #5: Rinse and repeat for every email campaign you send from now on.

Yup, it really is that easy.

Now, I wish I could claim credit for this brilliant strategy, but kudos goes to Noah Kagan / Neil from Easy Bib.

Either way, the point is, it works and it’s incredibly simple.

And I want you to give it a try.

Get our free video tutorial that explains how to employ this email marketing tactic using Mailchimp, step-by-step. Click here to request the tutorial.

Then, comment below and let me know your results. I want to hear exactly how much your open and clickthrough rates improved after employing this tactic.

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