I’ve interviewed business owner Luke Pancoe all about how he uses email marketing to sell Italian language courses online.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How he took an idea, validated it (while working for another company) and is now full-time running is own business,
  • What started as private 1:1 tutoring (which has scalability issues) has now morphed into an online course business,
  • The fact that Luke’s current business is now running on autopilot and generating sales without requiring new content creation…so he can focus on growing his newest revenue stream,
  • The distinction between selling something people “want” vs. something people “need”,
  • How to turn a typical live launch into a more evergreen format, so you can clone yourself,
  • What exactly Luke’s funnel looks like…and how he has his cost per lead down to $0.30 each,
  • The role email marketing plays in his new business: nurturing new leads and getting them to convert into paying customers,
  • How getting permission to continue emailing leads after they run through the initial funnel impacts his ongoing results,
  • Why offering massive value is the key to keeping leads warm and turning them into buyers,
  • What Luke’s content creation process looks like…and how he comes up with content ideas,
  • His awesome hack to get around actually “writing” his content (and how he delegates this process while still preserving his own voice),
  • The reason Luke thinks using templates to write your emails is a no-go,
  • Why learning how to do your own email marketing is crucial to success,
  • And so much more.

Check it out: there SO many good things in here that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial efforts.

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