After hearing so much great feedback about my last business owner interview with Luke Pancoe, I’ve put together another one for you.

In this interview, Annette Stepanian and I talk all about how she uses email marketing to sell legal services to creatives.

We discuss:

  • Annette’s career trajectory — how she started as a lawyer, pivoted and became a jewelry designer, and finally merged both loves and now is an attorney for creatives,
  • What role email marketing plays in her business,
  • How email allows her to scale up 1:1 communication with her prospects as well as customers,
  • The common mistake many business owners make by not emailing their audience regularly and the impact that it has,
  • Why email marketing is such an intimate marketing channel,
  • Annette’s strategy of paying attention to where others are paying attention,
  • Why she believes it’s her responsibility to create multiple touchpoints for her audience,
  • How she gets over the feeling that she’s “spamming” her subscribers,
  • Finding a happy medium between promoting and adding value,
  • When Annette decided to move from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign,
  • How she comes up with content ideas (including a brilliant survey + phone call strategy),
  • Why creating evergreen content helps you maximize value from anything you publish,
  • The reason Annette decided to create a podcast,
  • Ways to be consistent with your content without having to write a ton,
  • Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation,
  • And so much more.

Check it out: there are SO many good things in here that you can apply to your own marketing efforts.

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