First and foremost, I am over the moon that you are here listening to the Marketing That Generates podcast!

I know you’re here because you’re looking to get better results from your online marketing, so that you can ultimately generate more leads, more customers and more revenue from your efforts.

Am I right?

Well, without further ado, let’s dive into this brief episode, which is really going to set the stage for ALL future episodes.

“I believe that with a better marketing strategy, you can sidestep A LOT of the time-wasting, expensive mistakes I see many business owners make. And you can get more traction, more quickly, skyrocketing your business growth.” – Lauren Pawell

Here’s how the podcast works:

We run a 4-episode series, focusing on a specific industry, like graphic design, accounting or home organizing.

During each series, I’ll interview 4 business owners in that industry and dive deep into their marketing with them. We’ll talk about what’s working for them, what maybe didn’t go so well in the past, and talk about areas for improvement in their marketing.

You, the listener, get to be a fly-on-the-wall and get ideas from these conversations for the marketing of your own business.

I encourage you to listen to ALL the series, even when I’m not talking to business owners in your industry.

Why? Well, marketing is pretty universal and so often I see businesses make the mistake of only looking to their industry for ideas and inspiration.

And to be honest, this just ends up in marketing that’s similar to what your competitors are doing, when the goal is actually to stand out.

And speaking of marketing being universal, in every interview I’m going to be talking through a marketing framework that my company uses with clients, that I like to call the Better Business Growth framework.

Because your marketing should result in better business growth!

When you filter all of your marketing efforts through this framework, it becomes a heck of a lot simpler, it’s easier to be consistent, and your marketing system becomes more effective and actually drives results that contribute to your bottom line.

It’s important that you get familiar with this framework and understand it, before listening to the subsequent episodes.

And, I promise it’s easier than you think.

Ok, take a look at the 3-circle Venn Diagram above.

So the first circle, in the top left, is Lead Generation.

So the second circle, bottom center, is Lead Nurturing.

The third circle, in the top right, is Lead Qualification.

And where all 3 of these circles overlap, you get Better Business Growth.

Let me explain each of the circles by using a metaphor.

Well, think of your marketing like a garden…

The seeds you plant are equivalent to the leads you generate. And that’s all your leads are at this point, just seeds.

You can have an infinite number of seeds…but if you don’t tend to them, they’ll never turn into anything more. And if you focus solely on lead generation, this is the problem you’ll encounter.

The fertilizer you lay down is your lead nurturing. This allows the seeds to blossom into sales (what every business needs to survive).

Lead nurturing is one of the most ignored marketing processes I see among small businesses — because most take what we call the “Buy Now Or Goodbye Forever” approach to their leads.

Meaning they only address leads that are ready to purchase right away. Everyone else gets ignored completely.

And, any lead that was ready to buy immediately but now requires more time before making a purchase decision…also frequently gets forgotten.

If you truly want more leads, better leads and more sales-ready leads…then you need to fix your “Buy Now or Bye Forever” problem once and for all.

Why? Because you’re losing sales by the bucketfuls. Most prospects are not going to be ready to buy from you right away and need more time and information before they will make a purchase decision. Aka you need to nurture your leads.

Your lead qualification allows you to sort the good crop from the bad crop, as well as the crop that’s going to immediately yield fruit versus the late-blooming crop. As you well know, not all leads are equal. And not all leads convert immediately. On the contrary, some may take years before resulting in any revenue.

You need a marketing mechanism in place that allows you to identify and sort leads by quality, so your sales team (or maybe the team is just you) knows the best way to approach each lead, where to focus efforts immediately and where to spend time and attention long-term.

This 3-part Better Business Growth framework is our secret sauce at Bixa Media.

It’s what has a material, long-term impact on your marketing efforts.

More importantly, this 3-part blend has a positive and significant effect on your business growth.

And, isn’t that why you’re here in the first place? Because you’re looking for marketing that will actually help grow your business?

In this podcast, I want you to see how this framework applies to a variety of businesses, across a variety of industries, so that you understand how to apply it to your own business.

Because I believe that with a better marketing strategy, you can sidestep A LOT of the time-wasting, expensive mistakes I see many business owners make.

And you can get more traction with your marketing, more quickly, skyrocketing your business growth.

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