In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different photography businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of that series. I interview Kim Hollis of BARKography, based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kim is an incredible dog photographer (yes, you read that right!) and a savvy marketer. Listen in for the simple and easy-to-sustain marketing system that she’s created for her business.

And, don’t forget to visit the show notes for this episode here, so you can get all of Kim’s social media links. Because who doesn’t want cute dog pictures in their feed?

(Trust me, Kim’s pictures will have you smiling every time you see them.)

“I send out a quarterly newsletter to any previous clients and prospects. The format of the newsletter is the same, the topics just vary. It keeps it simple on my end.” – Kim Hollis


2:12: Kim’s “why” and how she started her dog photography business 5 years ago.

3:15: The mentorship experience in Barcelona that fast-tracked Kim’s entrance into the dog photography world.

5:31: All the technical skills and behind-the-scenes work that is required to produce a stellar photograph of a dog.

7:18: As a brand new photographer, what Kim didn’t understand when picking her subject – dogs.

8:37: The realities of photographing a constantly moving subject.

9:11: The joy that Kim’s work brings to her clients. And the one regret she has, that she doesn’t want her clients to experience.

10:13: The previous career that made Kim’s start as a dog photographer a lot smoother.

11:05: How Kim leveraged networking to initially build her book of business.

14:04: What the local Charlotte market looks like in terms of “competition”.

14:53: The 3 different ways Kim currently acquires new clients for her business.

17:15: Kim shares her thoughts on copyrights and watermarks.

18:56: Kim’s strategy for generating more referrals from her existing clients.

20:39: The inquiry form on Kim’s website that helps her qualify leads.

22:20: Kim’s “old-school” approach to following up with leads.

23:11: How Kim uses Instagram and newsletters to stay top-of-mind with leads.

24:10: Kim and I talk about the “right” frequency for newsletters.

27:01: Kim shares her three pieces of advice for others looking to grow their business.

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