In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different photography businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Katie Cole of Kate Elaine Photography based in New Hampshire.

Pay attention to Katie’s smart community-building tactics, both online and offline, which have fueled her business growth.

Also, she’s got a top-notch way to qualify her leads, so she brings in the right clients to the business.

“The inquiry form on my website speeds up the sales process. And, it weeds out price-shoppers.” – Katie Cole


2:06: Why Katie decided to focus on her unique niche within wedding photography – outdoor-loving couples.

3:51: Katie shares her approach to scouting locations in small towns in New England.

5:53: What inspired Katie to start her business 8 years ago, while she was still in college.

8:01: How Katie continued to improve her skills as a wedding photographer.

9:16: The one workshop that caused Katie to change the entirety of her business, for the better.

11:10: The important shifts Katie made after experiencing burnout.

13:40: Why Katie is hyper-focused on finding the right-fit clients.

14:48: Katie’s approach to community and how it’s fueled her business growth.

17:39: The different ways Katie builds community online and offline.

18:36: When Katie moved to a different state, she employed this smart tactic to get her name out in the local community.

20:26: The role Instagram plays in Katie’s photography business and how it speeds up the sales process with prospective clients.

23:48: The strategy behind Katie’s inquiry form and how it helps secure right-fit clients.

28:44: The steps Katie takes to stay top-of-mind with prospects after a sales call, to ensure they become clients.

31:08: Why Katie’s 52 weekends are so precious to her, and how she gets prospects to make purchase decisions quickly.

32:46: Katie’s brilliant voice memo tactic, that you can swipe and apply in your business.

35:13: The one piece of advice Katie has for others looking to grow their businesses.

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