In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different email marketing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is fourth and final of the series. I interview Alonso Perez, based in Texas.

Alonso is a super impressive email marketer who started his career back in high school! Talk about motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.

His approach to making money through your email list is brilliant and he shares some amazing golden nuggets in this episode that you can implement immediately.

Alonso helps personal brands and ecommerce businesses with their email marketing and explains more about his services and how he grew his business in the last 4 years.

“As long as you know the basics of sales and what goes on psychologically inside of a person’s head or why people don’t buy, then that’s one of those secret ninja tricks that you can also take in your copywriting.” – Alonso Perez


2:19: Alonso explains why email marketing is a powerful tool to make more money.

5:10: Censorship: Alonso describes the risk of relying only on social media for monetization.

6:45: What’s a personal brand? Businesses that rely on influencers to sell offers.

7:45: Alonso’s Approach: Move social followers to email lists with free/low-cost resources.

11:53: Alonso’s Services: From building resources to email strategy to make more money.

16:55: Why Alonso shifted from side hustles to start and scale own email marketing business.

22:10: Sales and Copywriting Skills: Use words to get people to take action, secure new clients.

28:26: Personalization and Segmentation: How Alonso qualifies leads by using indicators.

33:04: Collecting Digital Dust: Why Alonso is willing to share content and package his services.

40:47: Alonso’s Advice: If you want to dominate social media, choose just one vertical.

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