In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different email marketing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Samar Owais, an email marketing strategist and copywriter based in Pakistan. She specializes in software as a service (SaaS) and eCommerce.

Samar has worked with big-name brands, including Drip, HubSpot, and Pinterest. Listeners are bound to take away at least one idea to apply to their own email marketing that increases sales and revenue.

“We put our customers first. My clients are working with me, but I am working for their clients, customers, or users. I approach everything from their perspective, and making sure that we are serving them.” – Samar Owais


2:20: Samar shares why email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, including her own.

5:32: How Samar uses personal storytelling to make email marketing more compelling.

7:23: Samar’s services and how she helps companies with their email marketing.

7:45: Email Philosophy: Always put customers first to increase loyalty and lifetime value.

12:40: Abandoned Cart: Reframe and reposition email to be conversational not creepy.

20:22: Anti-Discounts? Yes, Samar thinks discounts should be a reward, not a bribe.

27:00: Blogs, Books, Burnout: How and why Samar started her own email marketing business.

36:55: Social Media Channels: Where Samar gets in front of new clients and target audience.

42:25: Twitter: Content does not really matter, creating curiosity and being consistent pays off.

51:10: Comfort Zone: Samar says stay consistent and say ‘yes’ to opportunities, freak out later.

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