In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different personal training businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth and final of the series. I interview Sam Johnston, owner of State of Alpha.

Sam’s business helps professional men master their health and fitness through coaching programs. His unique and holistic approach, called the Alpha Body System, creates incredible results for his clients.

Sam is very growth-minded and it shows in this episode. He shares so many important insights about growing and marketing his business, you’re going to learn a lot from him.

Including how he sold $15,000 worth of coaching programs BEFORE he even created the final program.

“We also focus on all the holistic lifestyle factors that contribute to not only your success in the gym but your health and energy in all areas of life.” – Sam Johnston


2:45: How State of Alpha’s ABS differs from typical fitness programs to get results.

4:22: Alien Society vs. Human Genome: Understand why the state of health is atrocious.

5:49: Sam describes the connection between level of fitness, body shape, and mindset.

6:25: Identity Transformations: What you do to break the mental model and get what you want.

8:09: Coaching Programs: 16-week- or 12-month-long packages for long-term transformation.

14:19: Target Audience: Why Sam works with busy, professional men neglecting their health.

17:58: Marketing: Engage organic social material, word-of-mouth referrals for proof of concept.

24:54: Imposter? What you need to learn to get better and create the outcome that you want.

30:53: Be Action-Oriented: Sam’s one piece of advice to other business owners.

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