In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different financial businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth of that series. I interview Tiffany Bastian, founder of Bastian Accounting.

As Tiffany says, “she is not a boring accountant”. I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed so hard while also talking accounting.

Tiffany generously shares the behind-the-scenes of her marketing system and what’s working well for her.

Plus, she explains her secret sauce – her niche – that’s allowed her business grow exponentially. She currently hiring her 6th team member!

“I suppose education is the key to all of it. It’s teaching people, so they understand. When people understand things, I can serve them better because now they know versus just doing what I tell them to do.” – Tiffany Bastian


2:40: Bastian Accounting: The business problem that Tiffany helps her creative clients solve.

4:20: What and Why of Starting a Business: Nuances to making, saving, and owing money.

6:55: Business Structure: Understand what and when you need to do something to save money.

7:30: Formed Up: Simple software asks questions but doesn’t know everything.

8:15: Services and Courses: Tiffany offers free resources and teaches general information.

14:21: Business owners wear many hats. You can’t do it all. Know what/when to outsource.

17:17: EA vs. CPA: What’s the difference between these two tax professionals?

18:52: Niche Down: How Tiffany finds new clients, markets herself as a creative entrepreneur.

24:23: Client Feedback: Invite people to tell you what they are and aren’t happy with.

24:45: What inspired Tiffany to be an entrepreneur and start her own accounting business.

29:59: Word of Mouth: Ways to be authentic, know your audience, and get new clients.

37:35: Marketing Concept: Three types of business growth—sales, customer, and marketing.

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