In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different financial businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of that series. I interview Ashley Waychoff, founder of Pretty Penny Accounting.

As Ashley says, “numbers are her thing”. And the truth is, they aren’t all business owners’ thing.

That’s where her accounting firm comes in! Ashley and her team offer bookkeeping and financial advisory services to give business owners financial clarity, confidence in their numbers, and a system for organization and compliance.

In this episode, Ashley shares the twists and turns on her journey to becoming a business owner. And she explains what’s working well in the marketing of her business.

“Understanding the financial side of a business is just as important to a business’s success as the quality of what they sell, their customer service, or even their marketing strategy.” – Ashley Waychoff


2:25: Problem: How Ashley demystifies the financial side of business for female entrepreneurs.

3:12: Solution: How Ashley presents financial information in approachable, understandable way.

5:06: Ashley’s Suite of Services: Bookkeeping, advisory, and resources.

7:15: Learn from others to gain a unique perspective on how to run a business.

7:45: How much revenue should be reinvested into marketing? Varies based on owner’s goals.

9:54: Pain Points: Before they hit, outsource something, such as accounting, in your business.

13:55: Don’t Quit Your Daydream: What inspired Ashley to start her own business.

17:52: Shiny Object Syndrome: What to focus on rather than trends and tactics.

19:32: Marketing Approach: Make friends with people and connect with others to make sales.

23:50: Fear of Failure: Go for it and move to new channels and find out who follows.

25:18: Free Resources: Ashley qualifies prospective clients by collecting customer contacts.

28:00: DIY Courses: Additional way for Ashley to qualify people for Pretty Penny Accounting.

31:12: Teaching Tool: You can’t give away too much information to create a better buyer.

34:00: Know, Like, and Trust: Bring in leads, get referrals, create content to generate revenue.

39:14: Ashley’s Advice: Stay consistent, listen to audience, give them more of what they want.

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