In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different financial businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Arnesha Bobo, founder of CFO For Women.

During her previous career in corporate, Arnesha saw firsthand how female-owned businesses did not have access to the same financial resources as male-owned businesses.

She started CFO for Women to help female-owned businesses make better financial decisions and boost their bottom line.

Arnesha shares more about her services in this episode. What I love about her offers is all the different ways she can help businesses, no matter what their current budget is.

Last but not least, Arnesha explains some of the incredible ways she’s marketed her own business…that you may be able to apply to what you’re doing.

“We help women become confident decision-makers in their business. Most businesses can’t make well-informed decisions, like hiring or expanding, because they don’t have access to reliable data.” – Arnesha Bobo


2:36: CFO For Women: The problem Arnesha helps business owners solve.

3:08: Goal: Help service providers understand financial data to make proactive decisions.

3:27: Why is it different for women than men to make better data-driven financial decisions?

4:56: CFO For Women Services: Strategic Plan, One-Hour CFO, and Signature Course.

9:05: COVID Impact: Don’t be afraid to pivot to secure finances quickly to survive ups, downs.

10:55: Whether you’re in a startup, growth, or scaling phase, seek Arnesha’s services, other resources.

16:00: Business Model: How to get pricing right so you can make a profit and have a sustainable business.

20:21: Black Friday Financial Strategy: Discounts drive new traffic and sales volume, but not a one-and-done deal.

27:24: Positive Reinforcement: How Arnesha became a better leader and business owner.

32:15: Bankers, Financial Advisors, CPAs: Understand who are your referral, strategic partners.

34:58: Marketing Funnel: Speaking and teaching—how Arnesha gets in front of new customers.

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