In our current series, I interview the owners of 4 very different graphic design businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the final one of this series and I interview Shyne Webster, who’s based in Huntington Beach, California.

Shyne is one impressive gal. She blew me away because she’s still in college getting her graphic design degree AND simultaneously running a very successful design business.

While listening to this episode, pay attention to how Shyne uses content marketing and an affiliate program to generate new clients for her business.

“Getting really specific with my market has helped me clarify my messaging & how I market myself. Also, I feel more invested in my own mission & purpose.” – Shyne Webster


2:34: Shyne shares what kind of services she offers as a graphic designer…including GIF creation!

3:15: What a human-centric approach to branding is, according to Shyne.

6:00: Why everything you do as a business is branding.

7:13: Shyne’s “why” and how she started her graphic design business.

9:04: How Shyne balances building a business and simultaneously getting her college degree.

12:08: What motivated Shyne to narrow in on her current target market, despite her initial resistance.

15:12: Why getting more specific on who she’s serving has helped Shyne market her business.

17:18: The different ways Shyne gets new eyeballs on her business.

18:20: Why Shyne views content marketing as storytelling.

19:33: The “underground” affiliate marketing program Shyne has created to increase referrals.

20:52: Which channels Shyne uses to publish and promote her content marketing.

24:05: The role Shyne’s email newsletter plays in marketing her graphic design business.

26:48: How Shyne views the relationship between social media and email marketing.

27:07: Why Shyne puts a heavy emphasis on long-term relationships to grow her business.

27:59: What drives Shyne (hint: it’s not the numbers!)

29:21: How hiring a business coach early on fast-tracked Shyne’s business growth.

31:24: The top marketing tip Shyne has for other business owners looking to generate more clients.

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