In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different web development businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth and final of that series. I interview Hunter Rohwer, the COO of GoLive.

GoLive helps female-led businesses launch new websites within days…not months or years.

Because they place a huge emphasis on simplicity, speed is a natural byproduct of everything GoLive does. But don’t be fooled, simplicity does not mean boring!

GoLive has some big name clients, Jasmine Star, Amber Lilystrom and GirlBoss, to name a few.

In this episode, Hunter talks about the GoLive’s growth journey – they’ve been around for over 10 years – and how their marketing has evolved over the past decade.

PS: GoLive has very generously offered our podcast listeners 10% off their website templates. Use the coupon code BIXAMEDIA10 during checkout to claim your discount.

“A lot of people have realized: A. It’s important to launch quickly, and B. It’s important to be able to pivot quickly online.” – Hunter Rowher


2:28: Why it’s important for businesses to GoLive quickly.

2:54: Most Vital Marketing Tool: Your website is your front door of your business.

4:24: DIY vs. Pro: Easy-to-use Squarespace templates prevent bad Pinterest experiments.

4:54: GoLive’s Motto: Launch now, and refine as you go.

6:40: Business Owners’ Mindset: Legitimate website automatically builds trust and credibility.

7:30: Squarespace: Affordable, easy-to-use platform for GoLive website projects, templates.

13:45: Celebrate! Launching a website streamlines marketing processes, strategies, and duties.

14:50: Email Marketing: With a website, collect email addresses to set up business for success.

16:07: Assets: Identify business name, get domain, create simple type logo, and pick one color.

18:51: Bare Bones Content/Pages: What must your website be launched with or without?

21:21: GoLive Origin: Pivot and niche down to fast website design for female business owners.

26:28: Big Name Clients: Jasmine Star, Girlboss, and Amber Lilyestrom to name a few.

28:08: GoLive Services: Three template tiers – DIY, Restyle, and Custom Build.

32:07: GoLive Marketing: Choose platforms where you’re comfortable, your people spend time.

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