In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different web development businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Keshia White, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keshia has a unique niche – helping service providers, coaches and consultants attract high-end clients through their websites. And I think the problem she solves for her client is incredible — how to make more money through their websites and branding.

In this episode, Keshia shares her journey from corporate B2B sales to starting her own design and development business.

Keshia also explains what’s working in her marketing, what’s starting to become a challenge due to social media algorithms, and what she’s doubling down on.

“Everything that I’m creating with their website and the brand design, it’s just designed to communicate the right message and then, to kind of give off the right perception about them and then to just help them to have a presence online that’s set up to guide people to take the actions that they want people to take on their website.” – Keshia White


3:05: Business + Goals: Keshia’s approach to emphasizing branding and website design.

4:45: Pricing/Content: What goes into a brand to attract premium clients and generate revenue?

6:24: Quality of Look Matters: Nobody wants to pay Four Seasons prices to stay at a Motel 8.

7:28: Collaborative Process: Keshia’s services, packages, and how she works with clients.

10:59: Pain Points: When people should work with Keshia to uplevel their website and branding.

13:15: Sales vs. Marketing: What inspired Keshia to go from corporate career to own business.

18:15: Referrals and LinkedIn: How and where Keisha connects with existing, potential clients.

20:50: Free Guide: How to Attract High-End Clients & Build a Standout Brand Online.

22:17: Newsletter: Keisha shows off expertise by consistently creating engaging content.

24:41: Ups and Downs: Successful Service Provider Podcast grows confidence and content.

27:43: One Regret: Don’t neglect SEO focus on blog posts and don’t ignore algorithm changes.

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