Marketing Your Graphic Design Business: A Conversation About Branding, Templates & Relationships with Nicole Yang

In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different graphic design businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of the series and I interview Nicole Yang, who’s based in Raleigh North Carolina.

While listening to this episode, keep an ear out for Nicole’s unique design philosophy that helps her stand out among other designers.

Also, Nicole’s approach to securing clients at the beginning of her business journey set her up for long-term success. I recommend considering how you might be able to replicate something similar in your business.

“So often I think that people approach design like it’s art, and it’s not. Design should be beautiful, but most of all, especially when you’re designing for a business, it really needs to amplify.” – Nicole Yang


2:38: Nicole discusses her unique design philosophy – visuals that go beyond just looking pretty and actually build trust with your prospects and customers.

5:19: The different services Nicole offers to her clients.

6:51: Why Nicole decided to create another revenue stream for her business – a template shop.

10:53: Nicole’s “why” and how she started her graphic design business.

11:40: How Nicole leveraged relationships from her previous career to build a full client pipeline in just a couple of months after starting her business.

13:30: An opportunity in the market Nicole spotted and filled with her services to help generate more clients for her business.

16:11: The evolution of Nicole’s business since she started 3 years ago.

19:31: Why Nicole sometimes feels like she “cheated” at marketing.

20:52: The free, educational content on Instagram and YouTube that brings in new clients for Nicole’s business.

24:18: How “being really good at what she does” is Nicole’s #1 marketing strategy.

26:00: Nicole’s advice on how to find your “edge” (what makes you stand out in your market).

28:40: The top marketing lessons Nicole has for other business owners looking to generate more clients.

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