In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different fashion styling businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth and final of that series. I interview Devina Bhaga, of Devina Styles, based in New York City.

Devina used to work in film and television, styling well-known personalities on shows like Good Morning America and The Wendy Williams Show.

Now, through her business, Devina Styles, she helps online entrepreneurs embody their inner CEO through authentic personal style.

What she shares about her services in this interview was fascinating, as it goes so much deeper than just shopping for clothes. I think you’re going to have some big ahas.

Plus, Devina walks you through what’s working in her marketing now, what she’s planning for the future…and some mistakes she made when she was first starting out.

“My approach when it comes to styling and with the self-image coaching that I do is really to help my clients dive into who they are and work on the self-worth piece and the self-acceptance piece, so that we can bring their truest, most confident, most powerful self out and then work on their wardrobe from that perspective.” – Devina Bhaga


2:42: What it means to Devina to cultivate an authentic personal style.

4:14: 90-Minute Style Intensives: When people don’t know where to shop or what to shop for.

4:50: Self-Worth vs. Self-Trauma: It’s not just about the clothing but being seen somewhere.

7:19: Styling Services: Help people create a roadmap to align their self-image and wardrobe.

11:10: Personal Development/Transformations: Invest in yourself. It’s worthwhile and rewarding.

12:24: Turning Point: Fulfillment factor and level of service inspired Devina to start her business.

16:00: Step-by-Step: Gain clarity on your situation and what you want for your life in the future.

17:00: Show Up: Seek out Devina’s styling services to step into your power and presentation.

22:04: Enclothed Cognition Study: Impacts how you feel about yourself, life, and business.

28:15: Marketing Education: Utilize social media channels to share stuff with potential clients.

34:57: Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Takes multiple touchpoints, may include cold DMs.

40:33: Strategic Marketing Advice: Keep going, start again, and continue to experiment.

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