In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different fashion styling businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the third of that series. I interview Elsa Isaac, who’s based in New York City

Elsa helps female entrepreneurs and executives create a wardrobe that allows them to show up with unshakeable confidence, so they can make a big impact with their work.

Elsa has worked with some pretty heavy hitters in the online marketing world – Marie Forleo, Rachel Rodgers and Tobi Fairley, to name a few.

And, most importantly, Elsa’s work speaks for itself. Take a look at her website and you’ll see women from around the country showing up as their best selves and looking amazing in the process.

In this episode, Elsa shares more about her business, how she’s serving more people beyond her 1:1 services, and the surprising marketing channels that are working well for her.

“I help women shop for clothing that makes them feel confident and beautiful and like the best version of who they are. There’s a misconception out there that we should just be born knowing how to do that, but I think it’s a very nuanced thing and it oftentimes requires the perspective of an outside person, a professional, of course, and that’s what I get to do.” – Elsa Isaac


2:31: What an image stylist is and what it means to Elsa.

7:35: Elsa explains her approach to styling and how it’s evolved.

9:20: Is wardrobe not your zone of genius? Here’s why it’s worth the investment to outsource.

12:53: Superhero Energy Shift: Step into your stronger self to feel that way all the time.

14:38: Dress the Part: Why style and feeling confident in your wardrobe is so important.

17:10: Elsa’s unique approach to body shape – her diagnosis, calculator, and questionnaire fits each client.

19:15: Let’s stop describing your body shapes as a fruit.

20:48: What are three words that describe how you want your clothes to make you feel?

21:25: Elsa’s recommendation when it comes to creating a mood board for your wardrobe – save what you like to wear based on where you are in your career.

24:43: Secret Weapon: Tailoring is used to change and custom-fit clothing to focus on yourself.

28:04: Styling Services: Elsa works one-on-one with clients and offers Upstyled membership.

31:37: Keys to Success: Create a wardrobe that’s in alignment with who and where you are.

32:45: Trust the Process and Person: #1 piece of advice when working with an expert.

34:29: Selling Point: Case studies and past work should showcase clients for who they are.

37:17: Origin Story: Why Elsa pivoted from the music industry to start a styling business for women.

43:29: What’s working now with Elsa’s marketing to get new clients who are really ready.

55:07: Listen to your clients, gain experience, and infuse as much of you as possible.

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