In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different fashion styling businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Jeannie Stith, of Color Guru, based in Arden, Delaware.

Jeannie has the most fascinating niche — she helps men and women around the world understand what colors they look best in, so they can simplify their closet and feel confident in what they wear.

In this podcast episode, Jeannie shares the in’s and out’s of her marketing. And, it’s a lot simpler than you might think…while being wildly effective.

Also, Jeannie has generously offered to give our podcast listeners 10% off a custom color consultation. Use the coupon code BIXA to redeem this special offer.

“I always tell people they’ll never shop the same way again after a color consultation because it’s really different to walk into a store and everything is an option versus walking into a store and only your best colors are the options and you know what they are.” – Jeannie Stith


3:44: Seasonal Color Analysis: Are you a spring, summer, fall, or winter type?

5:50: What’s your dominant quality? In addition to your color season, everyone has different tones that look best on them.

7:30: The problem with having too many choices when it comes to your wardrobe.

10:48: Why home organizational systems don’t necessarily reduce clutter.

12:15: When you don’t know what’s best to buy for you…you often end up buying more clothes than you need.

14:46: How knowing your best colors can liven up your wardrobe.

16:14: The different custom color consultation packages that Jeannie has created.

19:45: More or Less? Most people wear 20% of the clothes that they own.

20:33: Jeannie explains her target audience – busy women who want to look good but not spend a lot of time doing it.

22:49: What inspired Jeannie to start Color Guru.

27:41: Jeannie dives deep on what’s included in her 15-page Color Radiance Report.

32:19: Which marketing channels are working best for Color Guru? It’s simpler than you’d think.

39:06: The free, on-demand 14-minute masterclass that Jeannie offers to help her prospects make an informed buying decision.

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