In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different law firms and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth of that series. I interview Dan Finn, of Finn Legal Group, based in Southern California.

After spending years in class action litigation, Dan started his estate planning and business law firm during the pandemic. While these practice specialties are seemingly different, in this podcast episode you’ll hear why they work so well together.

Plus, Dan has created a super smart business model, one that ditches the expensive hourly billing and is far more transparent, friendly and enjoyable for the attorney and client alike.

And, I’ll say this episode is super special for me because Dan is a long-time friend.

I’ve had a front row seat to his entrepreneurial journey and have been so impressed by everything he’s done to grow his firm during, what frankly, is a scary time to leave employment and start your own business.

“I think it’s definitely off the beaten path, but I really, really believe in what I’m doing. You know, unfortunately, gone are the days of personal lawyers dedicated to helping individuals and their communities. I think they’ve been replaced by mid-to-large law firms that are only concerned about their bottom line and not fostering the attorney/client relationship.” – Dan Finn


4:35: The inherent problem with the hourly billable model.

6:00: Why continuing communication with your lawyer is critical to stay out of court and out of conflict with your estate plans.

8:00: The transparent pricing model Dan’s created that allows for more trusting client relationships.

11:07: Why Dan’s decided to offer free follow-ups to his clients.

14:40: Dan explains what’s included in his estate planning services and why they are unique in the industry.

15:16: The 3 critical meetings Dan has with clients.

18:35: Dan focuses on formation, buy-sell agreements, and other business planning services.

23:58: When to seek out Dan and his law firm for help with estate and business planning.

25:09: Why you should start estate planning sooner than later to protect yourself and family.

28:30: Please consult an attorney to avoid wasting time, money, and emotion.

30:10: A very clear estate plan lets friends and family grieve properly.

31:15: Your most precious and valuable resource.

38:12: The social media marketing that helped Dan get some of his first clients.

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