In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different law firms and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Ali Awad, of CEO Lawyer, based in Georgia.

Ali is one impressive entrepreneur. He started his personal injury law firm from the trunk of his car, with no website and made his first $2 million in revenue his first year using his phone and free social media to market his firm.

Now, Ali’s firm is on track to generate $15 million in revenue this year.

In perhaps one of the more “boring” niches that exists (Ali’s words, not ours), Ali has cracked the code when it comes to generating new clients through social media. He’s currently amassed over 500,000 followers on social platforms using his strategy.

Listen closely to this episode and learn from a master marketer.

“There are hundreds of thousands of other lawyers that do the exact same thing that I do. The difference is in how I change or advertise or market my own service. It evolves. It’s a moving target.” – Ali Awad


3:49: Ali’s Ultimate Strategy: Educate and entertain people in all posts, even in boring niches.

4:34: Innovate and create a business in any industry by using your cell phone and internet.

5:24: Edutainment: Make your business content fun, sexy, engaging, and entertaining.

7:56: Biggest Mistake: Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals post a series of ads.

8:33: Content Strategy: Have a hook, valuable information, and keep it brief to grab attention.

9:02: Social Media Channels: Pay attention to all platforms and what people want.

11:52: Mommology: You’re biggest, #1 fan is mom. Get people to support you like your mother.

13:04: Practice vs. Business: People get stuck when they don’t know social media do’s and don’ts.

17:33: Care about consumers and what they care about – a product/service that works for less.

21:12: Claim to Fame: Spend money to boost ads, generate revenue, and reinvest to grow.

22:00: Where to start on social media? Start by letting everyone know what you do.

26:18: Best thing to do for your business: Brand yourself, not your business, to get feedback.

31:28: Power moves: Story behind CEOlawyer brand and staking claim to social media handles.

35:20: Protect Your Brand: Reserve usernames, domains, and variations on social media platforms.

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