In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different law firms and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the first of that series. I interview Annette Stepanian, founder of Your Legal BFF based in southern California. She is committed to making legal information accessible and easy to understand through contracts, templates, and trainings available for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Annette shares behind-the-scenes marketing, what’s working, what’s on auto-pilot, and what requires a bit more effort. She equips creative professionals and small business owners with legal and business knowledge needed to confidently start and grow their businesses.

Also, Annette hosts the Office Talk podcast, which combines her passion for law and small business to help entrepreneurs protect their business baby.

Annette is so far from being a traditional lawyer. She had a virtual law firm long before the COVID pandemic started, and she actually makes business law more fun and less intimidating.

To get all the links mentioned in this episode, make sure to check out the show notes below.

“I have polka-dotted wallpaper in my office, I like to wear hot pink pants…I’m not your traditional lawyer.” – Annette Stepanian


4:47: Annette explains the two arms of her business.

7:45: Why the Covid transition wasn’t hard for Annette’s firm.

9:16: Getting your business in order, legally.

11:11: Common legal issues businesses face.

11:39: Annette’s important counsel when it comes to contracts.

15:14: Consider legal help with contracts – it’s your ticket to making money.

17:10: Intellectual Property: Content is king, there’s a lot of it for free, but somebody owns it.

18:26: How to classify your hires correctly. (It has a legal impact on your business.)

19:30: When and why Annette started her own business.

25:56: Why Annette started her Office Talk Podcast.

28:55: Annette explains how her automated email marketing system works.

29:37: Annette’s advice when it comes to creating a winning marketing formula for your business.

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