In our current series, I interview the owners of 4 very different graphic design businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of the series and I interview Christi Cooper of Cooper Heart & Creative based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Make sure to pay attention to Christi’s very specific design niche which has made marketing A LOT easier for her.

And, listen for her unique VIP Design Day service that allows Christi to deliver very quick results for her clients.

“There are not that many people doing sales page design. So I decided to fill a gap in the market.” – Christi Cooper


2:19: Christi shares her unique design niche and how she services clients through VIP Days.

4:04: The different roles copy and design play in increasing sales and how Christi combats that blank page syndrome for her clients.

5:39: Christi’s “why” and how she started her graphic design business.

8:38: How the pressure of not having a lot of work lined up the first year, forced Christi to sink or swim in her new business.

9:22: The various ways that Christi generates new clients for her business.

10:03: How Christi’s pricing and positioning are a marketing strategy in themselves, keeping her sales pipeline full.

10:38: Christi’s most popular Instagram posts and how they nurture her prospects.

11:34: How Christi used Facebook groups to build a solid referral network for her business.

14:38: The evolution of Christi’s current design niche and target audience, and how it helps her stand out in a competitive market.

21:11: Christi’s vision for how her marketing will evolve in the future.

23:27: Christi’s advice for business owners looking to generate new clients through their marketing efforts.

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