In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different writing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the fourth and final of that series. I interview Prerna and Mayank Malik of Content Bistro, who are based in India.

Prerna and Mayank are a powerhouse husband and wife team. They specialize in copywriting services for course creators and service providers.

I love how intentional Prerna and Mayank are about everything they do, both for their clients and their own marketing.

Don’t forget to visit the show notes for this episode below, so you can learn more about Content Bistro’s services and their philosophy to sustainably scaling.

“Profit for us is not just a number that we are chasing but really an enabler to the life we want to lead.” – Prerna & Mayank Malik


2:29: Prerna & Mayank Malik have worked with many industry leaders, such as Pat Flynn and Joanna Wiebe.

2:50: When they aren’t working on launches or profit optimization, the Maliks travel the world.

3:37: The Maliks explain their Intentional Profitability concept – what it is and what it means.

5:58: Evergreen sales and slow-baked success: hear how the Maliks’ clients want to intentionally sustain profits.

8:19: Ready-to-sell eCourse systems: The Maliks tailor courses to their clients’ business and life goals.

9:43: Focus on being diversified rather than following a fast and furious business model.

16:58: Qualifiers: Is your business ready to work with Content Bistro?

19:14: Strategies/Systems: Learn what needs to be done to know what to expect, when to hire.

22:49: It was a matter of health – why the Maliks started Content Bistro, and how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

28:20: Opposites attract – how this husband-wife team plays to each other’s strengths, skill sets, and personality traits.

31:50: What is working for Content Bistro when it comes to lead generation, lead qualification, and lead nurturing.

35:04: How Content Bistro gets business in the door by being brilliant at what they do.

41:15: Build relationships & set boundaries – how the Maliks stay in touch and top of mind with leads.

44:57: The Maliks offer other entrepreneurs advice on how to market and grow their businesses.

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