In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different writing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the second of that series. I interview Justin Blackman, who’s based in Suwanee, Georgia.

Justin is an uber-gifted voice expert. His guides help personal and corporate brands scale up their content and copy teams while creating a consistent voice across all assets.

In this episode, Justin walks through his business journey and what it took for him to realize that his copywriting superpower was voice.

Don’t forget to visit the show notes for this episode below, so you can learn more about Justin’s services and download his free voice guide.

“Every business has a brand voice. We can actually plot it on a graph – your vocabulary, tone and cadence – so everything maintains a consistency as you scale your content.” – Justin Blackman


2:50: Why Justin’s bio is a stellar example of voice and injecting personality into your copy.

3:18: The definition of brand voice (what Justin specializes in).

5:07: Brand voice is an exact science. Learn why.

8:56: Who needs a voice guide? Personal brands? Corporate brands? Both? Justin explains.

10:37: Two things that happen when a business has a clear voice guide.

11:36: The 3 elements Justin uses to actually measure your voice and plot it on a graph.

13:31: Why having a voice guide will make your copywriting team more successful.

14:08: The different services Justin offers and the types of businesses that are a good fit for what he does.

15:40: Behind price, voice is the #1 concern when it comes to hiring a copywriter.

17:21: How to know if your business is ready for a brand voice guide.

18:40: Brand voice is something that you’ll adapt and evolve as the business grows.

19:25: Justin has a rolodex of different styles he can pull from when writing copy.

20:14: The inspiration behind Justin’s writing business, and why he left a corporate career to go out on his own.

23:10: How writing for over 300 people in 2 years made Justin really good at voice.

25:12: More about Justin’s on-demand workshop, ‘Write More Personality-er’.

28:36: How Justin markets his services and gets in front of new leads.

31:32: Why Justin almost gave up voice guides.

34:11: The way Justin qualifies his leads and evaluates whether they’re a good fit for his services.

36:02: The role Justin’s website also plays in qualifying leads.

37:32: How (and why) Justin uses email marketing to nurture his leads.

39:55: The ONE piece of advice Justin has for other business owners focused on growth.

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