In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different writing businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the first of that series. I interview Sara Frandina, who’s currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sara is a top-notch conversion copywriter – and you’ll learn exactly what that means in this episode. Listen in to hear the marketing strategies that Sara has used to stay consistently booked out, months in advance.

And, don’t forget to visit the show notes below, so you can get a free crash course in conversion copy that Sara created just for our listeners – so you can make more sales in your business.

“What it really means to be a conversion copywriter is to focus on the art and science of writing copy that inspires action.” – Sara Frandina


2:41: Sara explains exactly what conversion copywriting is, and when you need it.

4:02: The difference between writing conversion copy and writing content.

4:59: The role research plays in Sara’s copywriting process.

6:08: What is entailed in Sara’s step-by-step process.

7:41: The whole point of conversion copy, from Sara’s perspective. (Hint: it’s not about urgency or false scarcity.)

8:04: How Sara wants readers of her copy to feel.

8:37: Why research is a non-negotiable in Sara’s process.

10:29: The various copywriting services Sara offers to her clients.

11:34: The point in your business when you’ll most benefit from hiring a conversion copywriter.

12:45: Sara’s recommendations when you’re trying to write copy on your own, without hiring a copywriter.

13:18: The difference between empathy-based conversion copy and scarcity-based conversion copy.

16:04: What inspired Sara to start her own business.

19:18: The training program that helped Sara hone her skills.

20:23: Why the volume of Sara’s business affects the marketing strategies she uses.

20:38: The #1 way Sara qualifies her leads.

21:44: One of the most visited pages on Sara’s website, and why it’s made a huge difference in qualifying leads.

22:39: The role discovery calls play in Sara’s sales process.

24:04: Why Sara decided to add her pricing to her website in 2018 when she revamped it.

26:15: How Sara generates leads for her business.

28:55: The catch-22 of living in this “online marketing” world.

30:03: What Sara’s lead-nurturing looks like in her business.

31:47: What’s worked for Sara when it comes to staying consistent with emailing her list.

34:00: Sara’s philosophy on trying to be everywhere, all the time.

35:51: If you have a course or membership, the often overlooked nurturing opportunity that Sara helps her clients with.

39:14: Why you should consider prioritizing customer experience.

41:56: Sara’s advice for other business owners working on their marketing.

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