In our current podcast series, I interview the owners of 4 very different graphic design businesses and we dive deep into their marketing.

Today’s episode is the first of that series and I kick it off with Sara Loretta of 99 & Saint Claire, based in Austin, Texas.

While tuning into this episode, listen for a common social media mistake that led to a critical pivot in Sara’s business and resulted in a better return on her marketing efforts.

And, hear the incredible story of how she landed 40 clients within the first 3 months of starting her business.

“What I’ve noticed is that by touching people where they’re at, I’m able to bring in new leads from a TikTok or an Instagram Reel.” – Sara Loretta


2:19: Listen in as Sara describes the two target audiences 99 & Saint Claire serves.

6:21: Sara’s “why”, what inspires her and how she started her graphic design business.

8:49: How Sara landed 40 clients within the first 3 months of going out on her own.

11:49: Why tunnel vision really served Sara’s business growth well.

13:04: The way Sara uses her values to guide the types of projects her business takes on.

14:40: How Sara’s background in teaching helped her develop a skill set she still uses today to market her business on social media.

21:19: Sara’s marketing strategies to reach her two target audiences (one of them is easier than you’d think!)

23:28: The content repurposing tactic Sara uses to create content once and reach audiences on multiple platforms.

26:00: The amount of marketing content Sara produces and why she doesn’t let makeup or hair get in the way of producing live videos.

27:02: How Sara simplified her marketing to be more consistent and get better results.

29:20: When to use inbound marketing and when outbound marketing is more appropriate.

34:15: Intentionality, planting seeds and letting go of comparison.

38:54: Sara’s advice for those just setting out on their business journey.

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